We go beyond recruitment

We can provide a wide range of disciplines within Construction & Infrastructure

Direct access to the most valuable specialists in the world:
  • Structural Engineers / Designers
  • Process Engineers
  • Calculators
  • Construction Engineers
  • Installation Managers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Document Controllers
  • Planning Engineers
  • Commissioning Designers

Recruitment, Selection & Contracting

We are home to energy professionals by giving them the personal attention they require. Our professionals, ranging from Draughtsmen to heads of Engineering, are all experienced in working on the various installations and the required software. Drawing upon our extensive knowledge of the industry and utilising our wide database and network, we pride ourselves on being able to find the right professional for the right job – whether it is a graduate/trainee position, or a position in operations and management.

Payrolling and Salary Administration

Payroll management and administration are crucial to our contractors’ satisfaction and moral. We operate with efficient payroll management systems globally to ensure that our personnel are suitably protected and paid correctly and on time.

Education and Training

A competent workforce means a safe workforce and this is crucial to our business and our clients’ business. We strive to ensure that all personnel are suitably skilled and capable for any tasks required of them. We also have a high regard for continuing personal and professional development of our contractors.

Quality & Safety

Protecting people is top priority within Atlas. It is core to our values that we provide people to work in safe environments. This is illustrated with our accreditation to FPAL, ISO 9001:2008, VCU/SCT 2011/05, NEN 4400-1, and more significantly with the fact that we are the only agency of our type to be compliant with MLC 2006, which was ratified in 2013.